Ura a posted Mar 5, 14
Base Rules
We require our members be 16 years of age or older.
Our characters are lore appropriate.
We are honest with one another and ourselves, but respect our fellow shadows for their opinions.
We are capable of proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling, etc.
We treat other members of the server/community with respect.
Common sense applies.
We smell amazing.
World of Warcraft is meant to be played by a vast number of people. It’s a fact of life that everyone is different and some have quirks that others simply can’t stand. That aside, it is no excuse to be rude or a bully about it. If you are rude to people in the channel or represent us poorly by being an asshole to people outside of the guild, depending on the circumstances you will more than likely be removed.
On a side note, we know there’s a difference between banter and bullying and teasing is a common way to show affection between friends. However, please be sure you have that sort of relationship before you carry on with it daily to avoid inadvertently turning our channel into a place that they will only consider hostile. We’re friends, and to many, family. Not all family members get along, but there are members all around who will go to arms for others and THAT is a division I’d sooner avoid having.
Remember to use your common sense (sometimes it does tingle!) This ranges from not talking over one another on vent to behaving like a sane minded adult. If you have nothing polite to say, say nothing at all.
Everyone has varying ideas on how RP should be conducted. The Shadow Hall strives for quality above all else in our RP. World of Warcraft has massive amounts of amazing lore and many writers behind it. It covers a huge range, leaving no reason for anyone to have to write their own. So don’t. We’re playing in their game with NPCs and influences that are all a part of a vast ongoing storyline. If your characters are found to be in contradiction of lore, the officers will ask you to change it or you will be removed. It’s a roleplay guild above all else and THESE are our standards for it. This also goes for characters that we would rather not have associated with the guild, though in such a case we will likely remove that one character if it isn’t just a matter of lore contradiction.
It is also appreciated if you make sure your character would be part of the Hall in character. Given that we house pirates, murderers and thieves alongside the average Joe, renowned paladins and devout priests alongside one another it isn't terribly difficult to come up with a reason as to why they are there. They have come together as a family for a common goal: To protect one another and have a home. We are not a cult, and we aren't a den of evil. We're a catch-all. A family.
As a reminder, in character actions should not be held against a player out of character. We want to encourage you to create diverse characters, not merely ‘cookie cutters who have to play nice’. Someone playing an antagonist isn’t a bad person, just like someone playing a hero isn’t necessarily a good person. Please keep this in mind.
Go ahead and check out our Not Allowed List.
GM and Officers
We’re here to make the guild run smoothly. We are entrusted with the tools to invite, promote, demote, and remove members and there is a reason for this. The officers are entrusted by the guild master to carry out the rules. We are all here to help you. If you have complaints, talking to an officer is the same as talking to the guild master in that we are authorized to make calls that are endorsed by the guild master. Feel free to come to any one of us with concerns or questions.
We’re all friends here. Well, most of us are. It’s natural to come to those you care about and consider friends to find support for your most recent break up. However, it is not the responsibility of your fellow guild mates to stop playing the game they’re here to relax on to comfort you. To my knowledge, we have no certified therapists in the guild, therefore none of us are qualified to play councilor or give you psychiatric advice. That said, there is nothing stopping you from going to your friends in whispers to seek comfort or even mention small complaints. What we’re trying to avoid is walls of text in the channel about how your girlfriend was sleeping with the neighbor, his wife, the milk man, and your dog... who just got run over this morning after going on a bender and ended up in the pound and found religion there.
There are also various things that we do not discuss as to avoid drama. Among these things, is fruit. Yes. Fruit. For new applicants, remember this.
We love you. You’re a friend. We’re here to relax. Please keep that in mind.
This one is pretty simple. If you think it’ll make the guild look bad, don’t do it. We all want to wear the tag <The Shadow Hall> with pride, but we can’t do that if we have a bunch of shmucks running around being dumbasses and spitting in peoples’ faces. We want people to see our guild and know, without a doubt, that they are going to get not only good RP, but a fun experience to boot.
Names and Wordage
Because we are a roleplay guild we ask that names not befitting an IC environment not bother applying. This includes names such as Leetstabberz or Pwnyou. 
Because we strive for quality, this includes proper capitalization, punctuation, grammar and spelling. Errors are acceptable, of course, but chatspeak/leetspeak are not welcome. This does not include OOC or game abbreviations, obviously. (BRB, AFK or BWL, SM, etc)