Who are the Shadows?

Ura a posted Jun 10, 12
We are The Shadow Hall. Known as much for our collection of criminals as our swift defense of Alliance troops. We are the unwelcome, unwanted, the misfits and the unsung heroes. Officially Stormwind regards us as a criminal organization but we are so much more. We are a family, housing both orphans and whores under the same roof. Pirates and pickpockets are accepted. Those that simply find nowhere else to turn are welcome amongst the shade.

Before you venture after news of the shadows, it is wise to think over whether or not you are comfortable associating with thieves and villains.That isn't to say the righteous don't make their home among us. They do. And they are welcomed with open arms. It can be a wary path, learning to trust those of whom you have been taught to fear.

The Hall welcomes all into their embrace. But all are not comfortable with those in the shade. Are you?

We rule the underbelly of the cities. The dark alleyways are our home. It is said that we control everything in some way, shape or form. We are infamous but all we want is a home. That is our purpose. We were brought together to form a family, to offer mutual protection and friendship. Together, we can succeed and will outlast any that pit themselves against us, be they Alliance or Horde or some foe yet unknown.

We are shadows! Protection for Loyalty!

Posters litter Stormwind and Ironforge. They bear the keyhole of the Hall and declare their offer of a safe haven. Many are torn down or pasted over but they continue to reappear and never seem to completely disappear. The guard whisper about them, innkeepers are torn between appreciating the business they bring and hating the business they scare away. 

The Shadow Hall is a heavy RP guild that plays the game to play the game. That is, we don't all sit around on level 1 alts RPing. We run raids, quest, work on achievements, farm and craft like anyone else. We go around and get things done. 

We are primarily adults, preferring our members to be over the age of 16. We do appreciate a level of maturity (no lol i m random so i m cool) and respectfulness, but that said we are a goofy bunch of weirdos. We can be very immature (In a fun way, I like to think) and perverted, but who isn't? Thus, we prefer you be 18+ when applying though we will consider anyone over 16. We're eager to have our fun, and don't take things too far. A great number of us have been playing together for several years. We are some of the most laid back people in game, willing to endure a few wipes (Within limits, everyone has their breaking point) and some vicious poking fun at one another. We swear, tease, RP, joke, laugh, harass, kid around, RP, run heroics, do achievements, RP, raid, have little events, chat on vent, RP and generally play the game. Very little of what we say is to be taken seriously, but at the same time we don't endure stupidity well. We appreciate a certain level of intelligence and most of us are more than willing to help people learn our respective areas of interest. Our topics range from silly to the more adult. If you can't handle language or dirty minds we probably aren't the place for you.

We are the best known RP guild on the Farstriders server and are known for our desire and dedication to quality. That's one of the reasons we require an application. We want characters that are well thought out, not random alts rolled to attempt to snag some RP. We require your characters be above level 10 (Level 60 for a DK.) We want experienced RPers. We don't have the time nor desire to teach people, though there are several guilds that are more than willing to help new RPers out. One of the things we are known for is our strict following of lore. We don't want the all-powerful demi-gods that have followed Uther and Arthas around and been in every war. We want the average Joes that might have seen wars but mostly look out for themselves and, should they become shadows, the Hall.

Does not joining the Hall mean you don't get to RP with us? No, quite the opposite. We do our best to go out of our way to RP with other guilds and people outside of the Hall. We encourage server-wide RP and organize most of the server's public events.

We were founded on March 4th, 2007 and, as stated above, at least one of our charter signers is still in the guild. We are currently the oldest on server, having survived all older previous guilds disbanding or going defunct. We raid every now and then and run Vanilla instances naked (o.o) We follow lore, host numerous events and, in short, we rock.

We carry with us a heavy reputation and are known for both organizing a great many public events as well as being increasingly strict on our application process. Also an odd obsession with boobies despite being primarily female...

Our characters make up everything from mothers to assassins. Healers, military men and cooks. We've been around the block, so to speak, and have seen nearly everything that is mocked amongst the RP community as well as some amazing characters. We're in it for the fun and fun, for us, is quality RP with quality RPers be in baRP or an intricate plotline.

So, put in an application if you think you have the skills and can put up with a rowdy, perverted bunch of hooligans. ;) After you apply, if it's approved by officers, we ask that you try to RP with us so we can further judge your skills. If it goes well, we'll interview you to do one final check and if all is a-okay an invite will come your way. If not, there are plenty of RP guilds that aren't nearly as strict as we are. And just because you don’t get into the Hall doesn’t mean we won’t RP with you. It just means we think you’d be better suited elsewhere.

Also, do keep in mind that the majority of our officers work full time, raid and run households when we aren't in game. Getting through applications and interviews can take a while. We do apologize for any wait that might occur.